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Our Mission & Vision 

Our Mission & Vision

The mission of New Beginnings are Possible is to develop family, career and community capable young adults through our programming, mentoring and Christ-centered principles. Our work has been a categorical success; of the graduates of our programming, 100% have gone on to family-sustaining careers. Our children graduate from high school without arrests, pregnancy or other adverse outcomes. This is despite them hailing from some of the most challenging ZIP codes in Milwaukee County where they may experience a trauma per week and where the negative impacts of poverty are ever-present. Virtually all of our children are participants in the free lunch program or live in block grant development neighborhoods. Compounding these risks is the presence of reading and math delays, which threaten academic competitiveness.  

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Our secret sauce is relationship. Through relationship with God that cascades to relationship with our children and families, we make a difference. Traditionally, 68% of our children have been with us for at least three years, and 22% have attended New Beginnings since first grade. However, these numbers are changing as we shift our focus to extending our relationship to the children, family and schools in District 1 (e.g., Berryland, Havenswoods, Westlawn, Parklawn). Nearly 95% of our growth has come from families and schools within the District. Additionally, our staff tenure enables long-term empathetic relationships with our families. 






Our mission requires that we execute on FOUR KEY STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES:  


Serve as Family-Supporting Partners

Though our mission says “develop family, career, community capable young adults,” in fact, we support families in this effort. The implication is that we are developing programs to expand our focus beyond the child to include the entire family. (Proverbs 22:6) 


Provide and Environment of Safety & Well-being

Beyond basic safety, including background checks, security measures and employee screening, every day we strive to create a Center environment that promotes children’s well-being. This includes nurturance, affirmation and acceptance. Given the prevalence of trauma, this also requires us to be a Center with zero tolerance for aggression, bullying or threats of any sort by anyone. (Matthew 18:6) 


Promote Pathways to Growth & Development

To develop young adults, we provide opportunities for our children to learn, grow and develop. As importantly, we provide opportunities and challenges for them to learn how to learn, grow and develop. (Prov 4:7; 12:24) 


Create a Personal Vision of Success & Purpose

As a Christian ministry, above all else, we believe our children need to develop a sense of themselves and how they can contribute to the Kingdom of God. (Luke 17:20-21) 

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