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Programs with Purpose

Our programs reflect our mission of developing family, community and career-capable young adults. We want to provide them with the opportunity to experience both the breadth of learning, which allows them to explore their talent and interests, and the depth of learning, which allows them to develop mastery in specific areas of interest. The challenge is how to accomplish this mission and ensure that New Beginnings are Possible is a stimulating and fun place for our children. They have been in school all day, and many of them are not excited about anything that remotely resembles a “class.” We believe, conversely, that to make up ground and accelerate readiness, learning beyond the classroom is essential.   


Our solution involves providing daily program opportunities. Parents and children must elect or “opt in” to these offerings, which requires that children and parents agree to be present for these offerings.  Whenever possible, we offer multiple programs from which parents and children can choose – thus, offering greater freedom to explore talents and interests. These electives require a six-week commitment, at which time children can choose a different elective that we hope develops a greater sense of responsibility and accountability. 

Spiritual Development

Social & Emotional Development

& Career Development

Physical & Recreational Activities


Bridge to Adulthood

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