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Our Mission & Vision 

Schools We Serve

New Beginnings is pleased to serve children from over 30 Milwaukee-area schools.  These include MPS, MCP and various Christian Schools across the metro area.  We are proud to provide an affordable school to center transportation service to any of our children within a seven mile radius of the Center. For many of our families, this service is vital to their children’s ability to participate and their peace of mind as they earn a living. 

Milwaukee College Prep Schools

MCP 38th Street 

MCP Lloyd 

MCP Lola Rowe 

MCP 36th


Christian Schools

Hope Christian 

St. Marcus North Campus 

Eastbrook Academy

Granville Lutheran

St. Marcus Lutheran School

New Testament Christian Academy 

Northwest Lutheran 

Pilgrim Lutheran 

Atonement Lutheran 

Northwest Lutheran

Salem Lutheran

Carter’s Christian Brothers

Milwaukee Public Schools 

81st Street School

Hawthorne School 

Thurston Woods 

Milwaukee Math & Science 

Eighty-First Street School 

Kilbourn School 

Hampton School


Other Public Schools

Bayside Middle School 

Maple Dale School

Stormouth Elementary School 

Brown Deer Elementary School  


Other Private Schools

DLH Academy 

Bethune Academy 

Carson Academy

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