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Our Staff

Meet our staff! One of the foundational principles of New Beginnings are Possible is that we are “unrepentantly relational.” Our relationship with Christ, our children, our families and ultimately the community we serve is our secret sauce. We have a dynamic team of leaders and direct care staff. 


Kimberly Njoroge

InterimExecutive Director
Team Member Since 2019; Wisconsin Registry 

I joined the New Beginnings family in October of 2019 as Program Director. In this role, I oversee the implementation of the New Beginnings strategy in the day to day activities of the lives of our children and families. I bring a unique skillset to this assignment. I am a true daughter of Milwaukee and a community activator. I bring a deep appreciation of the intersectionality between civic, educational, for-profit, non-profit, neighborhood organizations and families in the fight against poverty and in support of health and development. 



Maggie Buckham

Administrative Coordinator

Howdy everyone! I’m Maggie and this is my first summer at NBAP.
A few highlights of summer have been laughing with the kids, learning different dance moves that do not look as cool when I do them, and teaching them about Christ during our Bible times in the mornings. I am very blessed to be at New Beginnings and work with my co-workers and guide these kids. Our kids rock.


Alize (Allie) Brassow

Community Programs Coordinator

Hello, my name is Alize Brassow. I'm 23 years old and have lived in Milwaukee for three years. I'm currently in school to get my elementary degree with an emphasis in english and urban ministry. In my free time I like to read and write, hang out with my friends, play sports, go on hikes and cook. NBAP is a great place for me to learn and grow in my teaching and leadership skills as well as share God's word and love in the hearts of the little lives we touch.  


Regina Williams

MEd in Special Education

Curriculum/High School Specialist

Hello all, My name is Regina Williams. I am currently the Educational coordinator for NBAP since May 2022. I have been an educator for over 15 years and have had experience with K-12, regular and special education, as well as science. 
My focus is literacy and LifeSkills because I believe these skills push youth to be accountable to themselves and society.  I want to help youth discover the best version of themselves possible. I feel that at NBAP I can develop and grow as a strong leader and provide needed services for the community. 


Colin Wallace

Youth Programs Coordinator

Hello! I'm Colin and I am a Youth Coordinator here at NBAP.  currently, I’m at UW - Milwaukee getting a degree in Supply Chain and Operations Management.  Before this I worked many jobs ranging from lifeguard to lumberjack and pulls from all those skills and experiences to enhance the lives of the kids I work with. I also run STEM activities with the children teaching them how to apply math and science to everyday life. 


LaTonya Nixon

Administrative Assistant / Youth Coordinator

Hi! I'm Tonya and I've been a troop leader for the Girl Scouts, "Brownies" and a teacher's aide. There is never a dull moment working with our youth. The value of the relationships that develop and are maintained with the children, parents, and staff are incredible! You will know just how special your job is when going to work and it doesn't feel like,'work.' I'm blessed to be a part of a team where God is first and support for family and community is our focus.

High School Interns 


Njeri Njoroge


John N. Greene, III 

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