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Physical & Recreational Activities

Physical fitness is critical to development.  Physical health maximizes the ability to attend, concentrate and ultimately learn.  Physical fitness can help to mitigate the impact of trauma and is a critical component for success as a family, career and community capable young adult.  Moderate cardiovascular health, for example, may provide the brain an additional 300,000 red blood cells to transport oxygen.  It goes without saying that putting our children on a path that may avoid obesity, diabetes, heart disease and other chronic conditions which plague our families.  Physical fitness activities include sports, dance, hiking, yoga and other big motor activities. 


Our recreational activities include programming that develops skills and allow our children to discover their talents and interests.  Recreational programming includes drama, sewing, videogame and web design, arts and crafts, etc.  We believe that engagement in these activities may lead to our students developing interests, hobbies or perhaps even careers.



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