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Our Mission & Vision 


Engaging our parents in the life of the ministry would seem to be obvious. However, how to determine the optimal amount of engagement is the critical component to success. Our parents work hard to support their families and raise their children.  "Too much” engagement creates a burden; too little threatens to decrease their involvement in the ministry and their children’s lives while at New Beginnings. Here are some of the ways that we seek to engage parents:  

  • We have asked each household to volunteer 16 hours per year of adult participation in the ministry.   

  • Our ministry is always open for parents to come and spend time with their children, join us for a meal or other activities 

  • On a monthly basis, we are celebrating heritage months or having other programming designed to be intentionally family-friendly  

  • Parents are invited to serve as chaperones (counts toward annualy 16 hour volunteer time) on Center-sponsored outings 

  • We will launch our Parent’s Advisory Board in January to ensure that the voice of our parents is represented in planning; this board will be led by our parent member of our Board of Directors 

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