A letter from the Board chair

Welcome to New Beginnings Are Possible! We look forward to the opportunity to learn and grow from your engagement with us. Let me get you caught up on what we are up to at New Beginnings.   


Our strategy is to take the New Beginnings approach back to its foundations. At its inception, our founder desired a place where children discharged from the St. Charles residential facility could come and find that “new beginnings are possible.” Through our self-assessment and data collection, we are re-aligning our efforts to the spirit of this mandate—of healing, transcendence and growth. Our children face incredible risks, including trauma, academic delays and poverty. We recognize that by the time our children are in first grade and able to join our ministry, the effects of these risks are already substantial and devastating. Therefore, our transformation efforts all focus on building on a foundation of relationship, the programs and services necessary to address, mitigate and reverse these negative effects on the lives of our children.     


We took bold and decisive steps to accomplish the transformational objectives outlined during our 2015 strategic planning process. In addition to relocating to new facilities with new neighbors and a new mission field, a leadership reset and the refashioning of our board and vision, we achieved our growth and programmatic objectives. We continue to serve children from around the Milwaukee area with our children coming from 30 area schools. However, we modified our growth goals to contribute to the abundant community in which we operate. Directionally, our emphasis is on continued quality improvements; talent acquisition; and a disciplined commitment to an essential set of strategic objectives to support our families, develop well-being and a growth orientation in our children – to help them become leaders in their families, communities, careers and God’s Kingdom. We continue to improve. The transformation may best be thought of as a multi-year, multi-phased approach:  


  • Phase I (2015 -2018) Assessment & Action Planning 

  • Phase II (2018 – 2021):  Growth & Implementation 

  • Phase III (2021 Forward):  Stabilization & Re-assessment 


Won’t you consider joining us in transforming God’s ministry and His children’s lives?





Bill Harrigan

Board Chair


Board of Directors

Our board has taken up the daunting task of being stewards of the organization and its mission.  Like all associated with New Beginnings, their profession of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and their deep commitment to building His kingdom one child at a time has led them to us.  This committed group willing brings their individual time, talent and treasures to the work and has been key architects in the ministries transformation.   Join us in youth mentoring and family development in Milwaukee.

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