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Spiritual Development

We are first and foremost a ministry offering salvation through Jesus. Therefore, spiritual development informs and is incorporated into everything we do at New Beginnings are Possible. In addition to weekly Bible Studies, our programming integrates Biblical concepts for healthy and meaningful living. To work at New Beginnings requires a profession of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior; however, we hire those who profess a joy and desire to grow in their personal walk and spiritual lives. In so doing, our children benefit from “epistle... read of all men” in their relationship with staff (II Corinthians 3: 1-3). Our focus on trauma is also an essential component of spiritual development. We believe that spiritual development aids healing.   


  • Arctic Blast – This is the Center’s Annual Winter Retreat in which Center children and often their friends join us for a three-day activity-filled weekend at a winter camp. Entering our fifth year, we have held Arctic Blast at Ft. Wilderness and Lake Geneva Christian Camp. The goal of the camp is to provide spiritual reflection, activities and education while offering our children a weekend of big-motor activity during the heart of winter.   

  • Local, Domestic and International Missions – Involvement in missions work is critical to our children’s development as citizens of God’s Kingdom. Locally, we partner with organizations, such as Cru and Feed My Sheep. Domestically, we have outreach to the Royal Family Camp, and we are planning our first international mission trip to Esperanza Viva. We always are on the watch for opportunities to allow our children to learn the joy of serving and the transformational roles they can play with the Holy Spirit when they do so.   

  • Monthly Center themes that are the topics of conversations, activities, celebrations and Bible study – From suicide awareness to bullying to the celebration of ethnic heritage months, we teach our children about God’s world, the challenges facing His children and the wonderful diversity of His world. 

  • Weekly Bible Study – Our staff and volunteers are aligned on a unified course of Bible study offered weekly. 

  • Use and observance of the Christian Calendar – Learning about the church and the origin of its traditions allows our children to understand the context of their faith and more fully participate in it.   

  • Church visits – A wonderful way of joining with our volunteer partners is to join them in worship.   

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