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& Career Development

Our vocational and career development programs vary at different ages.  Exposure to careers and positive role models works best for our young children.  For our older children, exposure is accompanied by experiential learning, college tours and work training programs.  These opportunities are essential in our mission of creating career capable young adults.  Our role is to demystify higher education and career planning and create space for our children to see possibilities beyond what is in front of them.   


  • High school employment – High school employment is an important component of our vocational and career approach.  We employ our teens when we can.  We allow them to learn accountability, dependability and how to work with others in a safe and supportive environment.  We have identified and had our teens apply for internship programs to enable exploration of careers as well.   

  • College Tours – Annually, in the summer and fall, we offer our children the opportunity to visit colleges, universities, vocational schools and military installations.  The goal is put our children in these settings, thereby allowing them to envision a future that they plan and execute.   

  • STEM activities – STEM belongs in a number of places.  As it relates to career, we identify programs, workshops and activities related to STEM professions such as medical, IT, etc.   

  • Instructional Support: 

    • H2: Homework Help is the process by which New Beginnings ensures that homework is done accurately and that children are challenged to learn. Ultimately, this is one of the greatest gifts that we can give our children. H2 includes working on school projects as well.  

    • Learning Apps & Additional Challenge Exercises: After homework is completed, children are able to practice academic skills by signing on to their school district approved learning applications, reading or doing math or science challenge exercises. 

    • Tutoring:  This is a deeper focus on building academic excellence and encouraging learning. Beyond getting homework done, tutoring builds skills and reinforces the child’s joy of learning 

    • Reading & Math Lab: As a part of the program to promote academic competitiveness, we offer each child a comprehensive annual reading and math assessment. Based on scores, they are offered weekly labs designed to strengthen these skills. 

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