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Bridge to Adulthood

The Bridge to Adulthood program is our high school program designed to build and consolidate Christian values of our high schoolers.  The program is not structured like the afterschool program; high schoolers are busy and do not need the same level of supervision.  The program seeks to provide the self-awareness and tools to help see them into adulthood.  The teenage years are filled with rapid change in the growth and development of our youth.  It is a time where the youth are developing their own identity experimenting with cause and effect.   This presents challenges for the teens and their parents.  During this very challenging time, often parents believe that pulling back from their children and giving them space to become adults is the best approach; we disagree and seek to actively engage these young men and women in their future during this time which can produce anxiety and uncertainty.  The bridge to adulthood provides development experiences in each of the following areas:  



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