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Fall Updates

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

What a fall semester. Thank you to the families, our sponsoring Churches, funders, volunteers and friends. We are having a blast! A few highlights.

Back to School

Thank you for the provision of pounds (yes, it makes more sense to measure our blessing in pounds) of back to school supplies for our neighborhood children and our New Beginnings children. We were so blessed, that our children had all of the supplies necessary for their return to school, we distributed nearly 100 sets of school supplies to our neighbors and we will have another give away when children return from Christmas (things are always getting lost).

Monthly Excursions

We had the opportunity to kick it around town with the kiddos this Fall. China lights was a major highlight, but our commitment to monthly field trips and educational trips has proven to be a major favorite.

80 Pumpkins Never Looked So Good: This was even more fun than it looked…and the next day we had roasted pumpkin seeds.


Sorta hits the ear funny, but another nearly 300 person turn out for our partners (Ties4Guys) take on Halloween. The children in the picture are in the escape room (our basement) where the only means of escape is learning about and answering questions about the negative consequences of bullying. Also, Walgreens was on hand giving out flu shots. Who is that handsome guy?

Other Great Things

And, we had

  • 45 Bible studies

  • 90 hours of study and academic support

  • 100% of our children’s reading assessed

  • Served more than 8000 nutritious meals




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