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(BTE) Bridge to Employment Program


As you know New Beginnings Are Possible is an after school outreach program for at-risk youth. The organization emphasizes growth in:

Christian Values

The "Bridge To Employment" program is an expansion of the education and personal development. This program is offered to kids from 8th grade to high school seniors.

Bridge to Employment introduces kids to a variety of occupations and the education or training needed to enter those occupations. It encourages the kids to explore different education and training facilities to select the best choice for them individually.

We are helping the kids to plan for their future.

Careers and speakers are selected based on a survey of the students.

The program is designed to ultimately have three primary components:

1) Speakers Bureau
2) Workshops

3) Links to employment through:
(Paid Training, Apprenticeships, & Summer Jobs)

The Speakers Bureau is presented every Thursday evening, with a speaker at the New Beginnings facility, or a 'walk-n-talk' tour of a business or training facility. The speakers will tell the kids who they are, what they do, their credentials, where they received their education or training, and the speakers path into the occupation. They also share insight as to how the kids might enter the occupation./span>

The workshops will be open to a variety of constructive activities to include research, applying for schools and education finance, and some hands-on introduction to skills and tools of particular trades.

The links to employment will develop out of help from the speakers bureau, workshop programs and from others in the community.

In addition, there will be other trips and tours to businesses and education facilities on weekends, or when the kids are on school breaks. This will include campus visits and facility tours that cannot be done during the Thursday evening programs.

We are continuously looking for more resources including speakers, tours, workshops and links to employment as well as funding to support the program.

Teen Testimonial of the BTE Program

"The Bridge to Employment Program (BTE) allows teens to view different careers they would want to do when they graduate high school. The main focus of this program is to get teens to stay in school and make sure they have a plan for when they graduate high school. We had various speakers come in and speak to us about their careers since the beginning of the 2013-14 school year.

Some of the trips included the Sellar's Company which sells paper products such as towels, tissues, etc. Our group got to experience the day to day life of a factory employee. We also visited a successful entrepreneur Doug Edmunds, at his photography studio so we could learn the steps that you need to take to create a successful business. We also learned the most important rule of all:

...don't choose a career you don't like, but one that you enjoy doing..."

 Amari, Age 14             

Summer Break Tours

We are currently looking for monetary donations to send 30 teens on an East Coast college tour.

The Spring break college tours was a great success, the teens got a lot of new information about college life and potenial colleges to attend in the future. They asked if they could see more colleges to give more options for them to choose from when graduation day rolls by.  During summer vacation, the teen members of the BTE program will tour colleges in various parts of the country. Just like for the spring break college tours we could use all the help we can get to get the funds to make this happen for them.

We continue to accept donations, if you wish to donate for future trips such as this please do so either via the secure link on our home page, or send a check to:

New Beginnings Are Possible
3717 W Fond du Lac Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53216